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I think I get asked about my “how” almost weekly, if not more. The truth is that how I got to my place of health, wellness, and piece came because of a whole combination of things! I want this platform to really showcase exactly how I got to where I am at today and what worked for me.

I have tried every single gimmick and trendy tool to get my life on track and keep it there. These are some of the things that actually helped me and made a difference. You will find no click-bait tricks here. These are all companies and products that I KNOW work because they molded my mind, body, and soul into what it is today. It will still take time and work, but these are the tools that helped me make the time go by a little easier.

I encourage you to do your own research and absolutely speak with medical professionals before trying any new diet exercise plan. Every body is different.

Big changes can seem overwhelming.

I didn’t just stumble upon the health, motivation, and happiness I have today. I had to work for it. This is true for a lot of people and the fact is not everyone can do it alone. If that’s you, that’s ok.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it takes a great deal of strength to admit when we need support to get better.

Visit the Psychology Today website to find mental health support in your area.

Bright Line Eating

No Sugar. No Flour. Weighed and measured quantities. Only meals.

I began my weight loss journey by doing the one thing most of us find the most difficult thing to do – changing my entire diet. It is true when they tell you that the key to weight loss is all in the food you eat.

I have struggled with intense food cravings and addiction to food for as long as I can remember. I could never figure out why other people around me were able to start diets and stay on them while I could not. It lead to years of self hatred and continual negative self talk. BLE was a game changer for me because they truly teach you the science behind what sugar and processed foods does to your brain. It gave me real answers to why I was someone who could never stick to a diet before.

BLE starts with a 14 day challenge. It’s a great way to learn about healthy eating, portion control, the neuroscience behind food addiction, and why 99% of the population who start diets fail and gain back any weight they lose.

Visit Bright Line Eating to learn more.


If you are looking for a community to support you, uplift you, and give you education and tools to start getting your fitness goals on track, then Dripfit might be for you.

I have been blessed to have a trainer in my life that is a rep for Dripfit. I began using their sweat band and workout intensifier cream about around the time I started trying to find the answers to start shedding my 260 lbs down. Dripfit is truly a company that CARES and actively engages their followers. They believe in full body wellness and stand by their values. Also, they’re Canadian!

Dripfit has amazing products, but also regularly has workout challenge groups that they form online. The challenges vary from full body burns, cardio, female empowerment, and beyond.

Visit the Dripfit website to check out their stuff!

LivBTR Wellness Solutiona

Sister company to Dripfit and all around amazing online workout studio platform!

I LOVE the LivBtr platform for workouts from home. Whether you have time for 10 minutes of action, or want to go for a full hour, there are options for you. They have yoga, fitness, mommy and me, and so much more. They also host the Dripfit challenges I mentioned before.

Go take a look at the LivBTR platform

Kangoo Jumps Rebounding Boots

The most fun you’ll ever have doing cardio!

I cannot tell you how much I despised doing any sort of cardio before I had a good friend introduce me to Kangoo boots. I started off my first class super intimidated and honestly terrified that I would break the boots. I quickly realized that even though I was likely close to dying from exhaustion (not really, but it sure felt that way at the time!) the music and the dancing was infectious and the happy bouncy vibes were amazing.

Kangoo boots are good for everything from walking to running to dancing and aerobics. They take a significant amount of pressure off of your joints, which help prevent injuries from impact.

There are a lot of online classes to take and instructional videos if you’re unable to find a local coach but want to invest in a pair of boots of your own.

Check out the website to find local Kangoo trainers and maybe order your own boots!

Have other questions or want some advice?

“The magic happens outside your comfort zones.”

— Miranda Ketcheson.

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